Osprey 31″ Double Kick – Emulsion


  • Type: Double Kick
  • Great For: City & Street Skating
  • Deck Size: 31″
  • Materials: 7 Ply -2 Ply Canadian Maple / 5 x Maple
  • Bearings: ABEC 7 Chrome
  • Wheels: 50 x 30mm HR 99A PU Wheels



    Keeping it simple and fresh, the Osprey 31 inch double kick skateboard comes as a complete set-up, in a range of colourful designs. Ready grip taped with wheels, trucks, bushings and bearings, this trick board is ready to take to the park from the moment you unwrap it. It’s been put together with park and street skating in mind, including hard wheels for the smoothest glide over warehouse floors and smooth concrete.


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